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Bradenton's Biggest Little Local Shop


Showcasing a wonderful collection of treasures created by local artists. Step into our store and experience a shopping journey like no other, filled with surprises. Our products range from beautiful artwork, furniture, and decor to Dixie Belle Paint, stunning jewelry, and much more.

Dixie belle painting

Embrace the Florida Artistic Spirit

Discover unique treasures at The Blue Flamingo. We honor Florida's local artists, showcasing their creations that capture the spirit of the Sunshine State. Find that special gift or a charming home decor piece in our thoughtfully curated collection. Your perfect piece awaits with us.

The Blue Flamingo | Unique furniture
The Blue Flamingo | Local artists' creations
Sand Elements
Captain Jack | The Blue Flamingo

Our Story

Captain Jack

We rented a booth space inside a local up-scale flea market. We thought we would test the waters in order to see if we would really enjoy the adventure. We got hooked, fast! Many months later, we set out to an estate sale to grab one item we saw advertised – Captain Jack, a vintage ceramic peg-leg ship captain. Upon walking into the store, Captain Jack was at the door welcoming us. The next thing we knew we had purchased the contents of the estate sale and leased the space. Our voyage has begun…

The Blue Flamingo was born out of a desire to sail our own course and to share our passion for unique, quirky, and one-of-a-kind items. Inside our shop, you will find up-cycled and repurposed goods, renewed furniture, décor, jewelry, and many other unique items from several local artisans.

Sand Elements

Shopping Adventure

Embark on your

the blue flamingo | Bradenton FL
eclectic garden | The Blue Flamingo

Quality Meets Affordability

We understand that shopping at shops like The Blue Flamingo is not just about finding unique items but also about enjoying amazing deals. That's why we take pride in striking the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Our extensive range of products includes captivating artwork, furniture and decor, Dixie Belle Paint, dazzling jewelry, trendy clothing, and so much more - all at prices that won't break the bank.

Come on over and explore the treasure trove of The Blue Flamingo today. With an ever-changing inventory, eclectic garden, every visit is a new opportunity to uncover hidden gems waiting to be cherished. Join fellow thrift enthusiasts, art lovers, and Florida enthusiasts alike, as we celebrate the beauty and ingenuity that local artists bring to our beloved state.

Dixie Belle Paint

Dixie Belle Paint Company

Exclusively in Bradenton, we stand as the premier destination for Dixie Belle Paint products – recognized as an elite retailer, and the sole provider of these exceptional paint in the area.

The company's mission extends beyond the creation of aesthetically pleasing colors, encompassing a dedicated drive to cultivate a feeling of community, cooperation, and assistance among both its employees and patrons.

Central to the company's ethos is a profound faith in collaborative endeavors and the resilience of local enterprises. An acute awareness of the significance of bolstering small businesses worldwide underscores the company's endeavors, with an unwavering commitment to advocating for their initiatives. Renowned as a trailblazer in its field, the company endeavors to provide pioneering paint products that not only surpass exacting quality benchmarks but also ignite ingenuity and the pursuit of artistic ingression.

Dixie Belle Paint | exclusive only at The Blue Flamingo
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